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Waiting List Policy

Immanuel has a total of 86 child care spots available:  30 toddler (18 months – 30 months) and 56 preschool (2.5 years – 5 years old).  This number is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

A waitlist will be formed when the centre reaches full capacity of enrolment.

Children will be accepted into the program on a first come first served basis when spots become available in the required age group.  Priority is established by the date of the tour/application, however siblings of children currently enroled in our program will be given priority status.

In order to have your child added to our waiting list, parent and child must first have a tour of the centre to ensure the centre is a ‘good fit’ for the family.  There is no fee to have your child placed on our waiting list.

When a space becomes available, the family at the top of the waitlist, with a child of the required age, will be contacted and invited to accept a child care spot.  If the family accepts the offer we move to the next step.  If the family, for any reason, declines the spot then we will offer the spot to the next family on the list.  Any family that declines a spot will remain on the list in the same sequence unless they request to be removed from the waiting list.  At times, we may call a number of families in one day to offer one spot.  In this case, the spot will go to whoever accepts the offer first.

When a family accepts an offered spot, we will arrange a ‘half day visit’ for their child.  This visit takes place shortly before the child’s start date in order to have parents and child meet the teachers, ask questions, receive necessary forms, learn what supplies they need to bring the first day and to observe the classroom routines.  There is no charge for this visit however we will be collecting a minimum of two weeks of fees during this time to cover a deposit and the first week of fees.

Parents are welcome to call the office for an update of their child’s status on the waiting list at any time.